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Since 1993, about 400 women were murdered in monstrous conditions in Ciudad Juarez.
Juarez is the fourth city of Mexico and counts 1.5 millions inhabitants. It is the stronghold of one of the most important Latin American drug cartel, and one of the world’s most passed through border points. Juarez accommodates hundreds of thousands workers, employed in 250 maquiladoras (big factories), located along the desert’s borderline. These North American, Asian and European relocated assembly plants attract workers coming from all Mexico. 80% of the population comes from inland. Most of these migrants are young, unqualified women, who always accept hard work and are stacked up in slums on the city’s outskirts.
More than 10 years after the murder of the first victim discovered in the desert between the United States and Mexico, the authorities still cannot set out those responsible


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