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Strakholessie, the riviera of Chernobyl. Since some years, Strakholessie a little city located just 200 meters from the Chernobyl’s forbidden zone, is becoming a new paradise for the Ukrainian nouveau riche.

Behind the modest dachas of local farmers near the Prypiat river sit fantastic salubrious villas. Here the richest Ukrainian’s have holiday homes and at week-ends, you can see on the road from Kiev to Strakholessie, a lot of big luxury 4×4′s. The new owners of this city are coming. They will spend their leisure time fishing and hunting.

Despite the appearances, the area is unique. At just few meter starts the Chernobyl’s forbidden zone, this perimeter of 30 kilometers evacuated the day after the nuclear plant accident on April 26th in 1986. The radioactivity is so great that the Soviet and then the Ukrainian authorities decided to condemn this place.

Ukranians with money are happy to find a wild and natural region and a city considered to be dying, is evolving. The local people are finding new jobs, as house keepers, gardener etc. The old dachas are becoming a strong interest for the promoters to travel in the new riviera of Chernobyl.


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