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Crimea, a territory holding its breath. 2008.

After the conflict in Georgia and Ossetia, Crimea holds its breath. Territory along the Black Sea, depending on Ukraine, Crimea is predominantly Russian, and would like to return to the bosom of Russia proclaiming its autonomy.

Crimea is the only region of Ukraine where the Russian population is predominant (60% Russian, Ukrainian 20%, 10% Tatar, the rest is made up of minority). Its desire for independence is growing ever since the war in Georgia. Pro Crimean movements feel that nothing can stop them and threaten to call Moscow to help if NATO decides to open its doors to Ukraine.

In this Ukrainian peninsula, the atmosphere is Soviet. Here people dream to follow the example of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two separatist republics of Georgia which Russia recognized the independence.

All are convinced that Moscow would discretely support them, if the Ukrainian president decided to follow the example of Georgia and continued to go against the strategic interests of Russia. That is  to deny access to the port of Sebastopol to the Russian army.

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