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He gives you an appointment in the North of St Petersburg, on a dark square, facing an abandoned movie theatre, a place where one usually doesn’t like to linger. He is blond, short hair, tall and bony. He wears a black coat. Dimitri Mikhaïlov looks like a calm and ordinary boy from St Petersburg, the former city of the tsars. He is the regional leader of the Slavic Union, translation of « Slavianski Soyz », also known as SS.

«Yes, Hitler was Russia’s enemy», he says, «but his ideology was fair. The only way out for Russia is a popular dictatorship of National-Socialist type.» He speaks while caressing his ring engraved with the SS symbol. The organization created by Dimitri Demouchkine exists since 1999. «We are 80 active militants in St Petersburg, but we can get 200 persons together. In Moscow we claim 1000 persons. Most of us are former Skinheads tired of hitting niggers in the street without ideology. The organization doesn’t officially claim any attack, but the militants do it independently. We rather target our attacks, follow the next victim, know his habits and then beat him up without taking the risk of being arrested or recognized. Our targets are anti fascist militants.»

According to the Ngo Sova, specialized in the study of xenophobia in Russia, there had been 546 racist attacks in Russia among which five murders and 92 attacks in Saint Petersburg itself, between January and October 2007, provoking the death of 56 persons. According to official figures, there would be 150 «extremist» groups in Russia, with more than 5000 members. But the NGOs think that there would be about 50 000 people involved in racist violence actions.


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